Art Installations

Lighting of art exhibitions and installations.

«Vanity» Exhibition, Archaeological site of Pompei, 2019

«Vanity» Exhibition, Archaeological site of Pompei, 2019

Architect: Kois Associated Architects
Photography: Sfakianakis George

Exhibition “Vanity”, Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, 2016

Vanity exhibition, Mykonos

Lighting design for the exhibition “Vanity – stories of jewellery in the Cyclades”. Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

“Passage”, Stoa Spyromiliou, Athens, 2012

An aerial mesh of brass and stainless steel, which is dominated by 13 statues of Persephone and 2 Narcists. The dynamic lighting by Eleftheria Deko highlights the synthesis.

Installation “Aerosculptures”, Cycladid Art Museum, 2006


Included among the events celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Museum of Cycladic Art was the exhibition Aer()sculptures (aerosculptures), featuring works by the artist Ioannis Michaloudis. Eleftheria Deko’s lighting design projected the transparent shadow of the aer()sculptures at walls and translucent screens around the sculptures.

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