Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design is an independent firm specializing in:
• architectural lighting design
• stage lighting
• lighting solutions and design expertise for both public and private festivities as well as artistic and cultural events.

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Choreography: Marianna Kavallieratos
Music: Dom Bouffard

260 Pireos Str. – Rizes

260 Pireos Str. - Rizes

Concept-Direction: Eliza Soroga
Musical direction: Alexandros Lambridis
Scenography: Eva Goulakoy

Office Building, Faliro


Office Building, Faliro

Architectural design: Sparch / Sakellaridou – Papanikolaou Architects

Piraeus Municipal Theater – The Idiot, 2018

Piraeus Municipal Theater - The Idiot, 2018

Director: Nikos Diamantis
Scenography: Lili Pezanou
Author: F. Dostoevsky