Lighting Services

Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design firm can provide a wide range of services concerning the development and execution of lighting designs.

It is this process and service variety that enables the firm to deliver successful lighting designs, which respond effectively to every client’s need and requirement, the architecture line whilst providing the highest aesthetic standard through a cost-efficient, eco-friendly frame of work.

Architectural Lighting

The art of illuminating space and volume. The firm has been developing a large series of lighting projects since 2001 for both private and public spaces.

Stage Lighting

Light.! The co-protagonist on stage. Eleftheria Deko has designed the lighting for more than 400 theatre plays, concerts, dance performances, opera and art installations.

Event Lighting

High aesthetics in Event Lighting for added value. Eleftheria Deko and her team have created numerous of innovative and unique lighting design for cultural and artistic events.