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The Design Team

Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design specializes in the study and execution of architectural lighting design, performed by a highly experienced team.

The firm’s main focus is to create lighting design strategies that provide every client, owner, company or organization with innovative, unique and cost-efficient solutions that deliver maximum visual impact, whilst emphasizing on energy savings through the use of ecological products from the whole range of the available market brands.

Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design & Associates Team

With the client’s particular intentions and respectful desires in mind and for the pursuit of suitable lighting strategies for each project, the firm offers:

Our great knowledge of the industry’s dynamics and variety of lighting products, our drive to be updated to the global architectural evolution, our respect for the client’s and the environment’s needs as well as our dedication to high aesthetics is the framework in which every undertaken project, we deliver… in light

The team

Eleftheria Nteko


Eleftheria Nteko - Founder

Stavros Sofianopoulos

Architectural Designer

Stavros Sofianopoulos - Architectural Designer

Maria Kopanari

Architectural Designer

Maria Kopanari - Architectural Designer

Yiannis Siemos

Digital Artist

Yiannis Siemos - Digital Artist

Stella Tsami

Architectural Designer

Stella Tsami - Architectural Designer

Angeliki Giompre

Architectural Designer

Angeliki Giompre